Friday, June 10, 2011

Henry's Crime

dari title dia jea , da dpt tarik minat sy , ape tah lg org laen
i think , tu movie yg agak membosankan sy
story about a man have no life outside there after live in prison for a couple years
then , met someone special , an actress
then , he n his fren planning to rob a bank
but how to rob witout use any weapons ?

nk cite balik , mmg penat r , korg tgk r sndr movie .
movie nie berunsur '18' pl / sx (x ingat r )
so jgn pndai2 nk ajak anak2 ke , adek2 yg x ckup umo yea . hehehehe

tp sy x nyesal r tgk movie nie . sbb sy nie mmg kaki wayang kan
hobi bg sy . seronok sgt tau .


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